SoNo Fest Chili Cook-Off


The chili cook off is a perfect way to maintain that gut in between Turkey day and 20151206_104811
Christmas. Some of the best restaurants come out to share their version of the best chili. Spicy, fishy, vegetarian, boar, and more. There are choices for everyone. Kids love the cute little bowls that they eat out of, ice cream, kids area— and that they could simply walk up to a stand, put out their bowls and get served instantly. I think they secretly want this style of eating at home.
Tickets are $20/5 (large) samples of chili. Bowls are handmade my SoNo founder Kouta Shimazaki. All of this amazingness benefiting McKinley school. Now please, give me one good reason to why one would not choose to be there?!!! Oh and Thorn Street Brewery is right smack in the middle of the Fest. See y’all there!!🐷


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