Hops and Shop Holiday Market at 32 North Brewing


I have been wanting to visit 32 North Brewing for quite some time and shopping is the PERFECT excuse to do so.  I am trying to avoid any form of Christmas shopping outings so that I do not explode profanities at any innocent bystanders.  With a one stop Hops and Shop event at 32 North Brewing, I know that I can easily cross off many people on my Christmas List.

Presented by 32 North and Made in California, Hops and Shop will take place Saturday, November 26, from 11-5.  This event is family friendly & dog friendly that supports local business. And they take care of the gift wrapping!!!!  *** MAMA’S DREAM!!!*** There are art projects and a movie corner for the kids, beer specials for the ‘rents, Grater Grilled Cheese Food Truck, desserts, free parking…..I mean, come on…..why wouldn’t anyone come??!! I am heading over there after the gym and swim lessons….because I am momming it HARD.

Here is a list of vendors:

A.L. Animal Care, Buon Natale, Cammies and Canines, Craft Beerd, Dudes Barkery, From Molly with Love, Holbrook Candle Co., Jackpots! Pottery, Jessica Lea Illustrations, Kassi Grunder Jewelry, Locality, Made in California, Naiad Soap Arts



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