Kid Friendly Eating & Play at Waypoint Public, North Park

It has been way too long since we visited Waypoint and I cannot think of a better excuse other than we haven’t had the time or that we always find our comfort in Toronado burgers and brews.  But Waypoint is kid-friendly(er) and with our favorite Top Chef contestant/friend Rich Sweeney manning the kitchen, we took our hour lunch here to feast on all of the goodness.

Kid area is fenced in, with a wrap around beer holding area.  Bo loved the books and blocks and I loved that there was a two top bar seating area for the likes of us. While I do not recommend this area for 4 and up, this is a perfect area for the walkers-preschoolers.  Kids menu has the standard cheese burgers, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, etc, but we always order off of the regular menu for our foodie kiddos.

Our starters were the Spinach and Soft Egg Salad and the Brussels. Salad was served with a perfectly soft boiled egg and a cilantro cumin vinaigrette, all which were heaven in my mouth. Brussels had large pieces of bacon-enough said! We devoured the tomato basil soup with the grilled cheese.  We, of course, added on the egg, bacon and avocado. All washed down with Fall’s Plenty for All Pilsner.

Check out the Kid’s Cooking Class that Chef Rich puts on for the budding chef’s in our life. The next one is April 30th and occur each month.  Check out their Facebook Page for the upcoming dates and other events (including a Spelling Bee in May!)


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