Making Legoland Beer-Awesome

Legoland frenzy hit our house last summer.  While it was well past the release date of the Lego Movie, it wasn’t until we had a pool/movie party at The Dana in Mission Beach, that the boys became crazed with Legos. We have Legos for every reason and every season.  I thought my OCD would kick in and demand that the Legos be kept separated by color and shapes, but under the bed storage bins had quieted my cleaning and organizing voices.

And being the AWESOME mom that I am, I took the kiddos to go see the newly released 4D Lego Movie that will be featured at Legoland starting TODAY! Emmett, WyldeStyle and their friends were there at the screening and it was a true blast.  We were taken on an adventure of evilness and awesomeness. We had such a fun time and looking forward to coming back enjoy it again and again……

But next time, we are bringing Dad and having a Beer-genda! Since Legoland doesn’t serve beer, here are our choices of pit stops:

Karl Strauss-Pork Belly, Brussel Sprouts and Black Garlic Fondue….nuff said. Beer is equally yummy and I don’t know about you, but the kids can totally fill themselves up on hotdogs at the Park, but mommy needs this kind of goodness after walking all day

Pizza Port Solana Beach-Games, pizza and great beer.  Perfect pairing for the family

And since we are on the 52 and might be stuck in traffic at some point, we might just take a quick detour to Societe. Because we just spent the whole day being AWESOME!



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