Ballast Point, Linda Vista

***Let me preface by saying that I love and support Ballast Point, in whatever decision that they make.  With their recent sell to Constellation Brands, I still believe that BP remains a craft brewery because of the road they paved for other brewers.  The same brewers and as far as I undertsand, the same staff, is still working and putting in all of their passion.  It is very hard to say no to ONE BILLION dollars. And for those who do not know what I am ranting about  (click on the link)****

Tyson and I started taking the kids to Ballast Point when it was a small facility.  Now it is HUGE and one of several locations. I once took Max, barely a year old, to an event that featured Sculpin paired with some MIHO food truck items.  Beer and food was incredible.

Ballast Point in Linda Vista is always our place to quench our thirst after Seaworld,Humane Society, Old Town or Catalina Offshore.  Kids do not mind at all because they get to help us pick out brewing supplies and are spoiled with frozen yogurt at Fiji, which is conveniently next door to the brewery.  Check out the cool art in the tasting room and DEFINITELY indulge in the Research and Development beers.  These are beers that are created and brewed by employees from Ballast Point.  They are unique, fun and so freaking tasty.  Kona Kakes next door is good grub place for Hawaiian food, but if you feel like a little snack, the brewery sells bags of chips and salsa, as well as a few random snacks on hand. Pair that with a habenero Sculpin or my favorite, Indra Kunindra, a curry stout brewed with spices and kaffir lime leaf.



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