Ending the Summer at Amplified Ale Works (and more!)

The boys know that summer is coming to an end so their incessant need to gallop, squeal and rage has come to an extreme. While the air conditioning would be a godsend to mommys everyday life, Max and Bo have made it loud and clear that every day should include lots of outside play (in this extreme heat) and lots to eat. So off to the beach we go–

I have spent many of lovely summers in Pacific Beach so it was no surprise to why I want to create similar beach memories for my boys. The beach is a bit too much for my wee guys, so we head to the Bay side which has calmer waters and low in crowds. Claiming our spot  right in front of Catamaran, we have access to the Snack Shack, watersports and potty breaks in a clean bathroom (sorry, not sorry Catamaran).

Our visits tend to be on Mondays for these specific reason.  Any day is a good day to go, but with summer in session, pretty weather everywhere and vacationers galore, Mondays are turning into our PB Bay Day.

-Always attempt to find your Princess Parking (do a once over around PB Drive and Mission Blvd). If unsuccessful, park in the underground Promenade parking lot)

-Walk though the Catamaran lobby to check out the koi fish

-At 2, pack up everything, change into your after-beach clothes. Walk to Amplified Ales, grab a cold beer while watching the passerbyers and waves. Reapply your sunscreen. Order fried zucchini  and a basket of fries with the amazing dipping sauce to tie you over till early dinner. Entertain the kids with the provided Jenga, Connect 4 and card games that Amplified provides.  They are amazing with trying to accommodate you and your family!World Famous

-Around 3:15, close out your bill, finish your last sip, head to World Famous so grab your spot for the Monday night Happy Hour, starting at 4. Once summer is over, you can head over at 345. Summer gets packed so closer to 3:30, the better

-During that half hour of waiting, prepare your order and let your server know what you will order. At 4:05, stuff your face with fish tacos, oysters, Macadamia Nut Crusted Brie, Lobster Bisque (garnished with sherry). Don’t over stuff because you are not done.Baked Bear

-After getting your fill, walk north along Boardwalk. People watch till hitting Garnet Blvd, head to Baked Bear. Order to your satisfaction. I split my sandwich with the kids or hubby because I am so full, but the walk back to the car makes me feel
much better.

Enjoy the quiet car ride home. Kids should be worn out with all of the activity and       food.  I rush home to baths and story-time before throwing the kids into bed.

With summer almost over, these days are treasured dearly.  

 Beer and Flip Flops


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