Summer Beer Cocktail, featuring Lindeman’s Framboise

summer cocktails!Summer is here! Summer is here! School is out, the days are long, the kids turn into little fish, and we enjoy everything outdoors.  We have a checklist of summer activities that includes everything from bowling, to visiting a fire station.  We are DETERMINED to do everything! On our own parent summer checklist, we have added just a few to-do’s-have tons of BBQs, family dinners and get together’s with friends.  Lots of food and lots of fun are the two summer requirements for our Blake Family.

And we cannot forget our summer cocktail!Summer Beer Cocktail

In a Porron Wine Pitcher **, pour in a 12oz bottle of Lindeman’s Framboise, a shot of Peach Schnaaps, a shot of vodka, juice of half of a lime, half a can of light beer (or 1/4 c. champagne or sprite). Swirl lightly and pour gently!

**A porron has become a party favorite for our crew.  It is a wine pitcher that has a wine spout that tapers off to a small opening. To drink, one would bring the spout close to their mouth and tilt to start the pour, all while pulling the pitcher away from you, creating a small stream into your mouth.  Yes, it can be messy, but its so much fun!

Here is my sister and my aunt demonstrating the porron. Such rockstars! This particular beer cocktail was with a pale ale and rosemary infused lemonade.

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