BO-Beau Kitchen+Garden, La Mesa Village

There were many times that Tyson and I wanted to go to BO-Beau and every single time we we had night to go out, it was a Monday, the only day that they are closed.  It was a rare opportunity for us-no kid activities planned, no work, and nothing for dinner planned.  We knew we had to seize the moment.Boys and Bus

BO-Beau is a breath of fresh air for us.  Not too far from where we live (we have been stuck going to the same places over and over again because the kids liked the food/play and the beer lists were good), Bo-Beau is everything that we LOVE about going out to eat.  The beer lists local craft beer, there is an approachable wine list for all price ranges, and the cocktails, while we didn’t indulge, looked so creative and tempting.

The chef, Jeff Rottinghaus, spoiled our bellies with deliciousness.  He informed us that there were items that were going to be added to the menu, as well as taken off.  BUT the one thing that I am SUUUUPER excited about it the addition of escargot!

Bo-Beau is perfect for the kids and adults alike–a school bus to play in and one of the best kid menu’s I have ever seen and food and drinks for the king and queen of the household.  Kids loved it so much that they asked when we could go back for more.  Told them that it will be our regular spot for sure!


Mushroom Escargot
Forest Mushroom “Escargot” grilled cibatta,  BO beau’s Famous Brussels Sprouts with pancetta, parmesan, balsamic port reduction
Moules Frites
Moules & Frites in whiskey, jalapeno, bacon


Pork Shank
Slow Roasted Pork Shank garlic mash, whole grain mustard, bacon date chutney,  broccolini    


Kids meal
Cheese Quesadilla + Fries and Seared Salmon + Broccolini

                             DESSERT  Rootbeer Float with Bourbon Caramel Ice Cream and Bacon Popcorn

And my dinner dates………

Blake Boys
Blake Boys-Enough Said…..


9 thoughts on “BO-Beau Kitchen+Garden, La Mesa Village

  1. Looks like a hot spot! Love when a restaurant makes the place inviting for the entire family. I don’t think I’d be up for the escargot though haha!


  2. I have also been meaning to go with some friends for a while. I had no idea it was kid friendly! I have been to the Ocean Beach location, and would not have thought about bringing the littles. Cheers for adding to our short list of kid-friendly restaurants with good food.


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