San Diego Fair Giveaway!


Max and the ElephantI think I had kids just so that I look appropriately excited at the Fair. I countdown the days until the big day EVERY YEAR!  I love everything about the Fair-food, rides, displays, shows, piglets. And I cannot leave until all is experienced.  We start by grabbing a turkey leg and taking in the sights and smells.  We walk through the cows, goats and watch the pig races.  We slide down the big slide twice, grab a lemonade and walk through the art exhibits. After playing a few games, we decide which greasy, fried foods we will devour. After noshing on sweets and savories, we play games and ride the scary rides. The big little and I head to ride the elephants, while the little little goes with Max and the Goatdaddy for some toddler rides. We meet again to take our annual fair pics, have some chocolate covered strawberries or bananas (or both) and meander to the exit. The kids are exhausted, parents are satiated.

Turkey LegWe are heading to the Fair on Father’s Day, which I anticipate to be crazy busy, but still oh so much fun because the International Beer Festival will be going on too.  I heard that there is deep fried Starbucks and I think that THIS is the year to have that Glazed Donut Burger. EEEEK!  THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!

And so for that very reason, I am doing a GIVEAWAY for 4 tickets to the SAN DIEGO FAIR!!!  Leave me a comment to below to tell me what you are excited to see/do/eat at the Fair this year.  Giveaway closes on Friday (5pm my time) and I will announce the lucky winner on Saturday morning! Now to go detox before all of the indulgences!


7 thoughts on “San Diego Fair Giveaway!

  1. My favorite thing to do at the fair is eat and shop!! I can not stand the rides for two reasons. 1. I will throw up and 2. I fear for my life. My favorite food to get there has to be the spiral cheese fries! A tower of fried cheesy goodness can never go wrong. The shops are all great but I would have to say I enjoy the tent that includes the free massage chairs. Oh and I can’t forget the hypnotist show, that I was once humiliated at by becoming Beyonce!!


  2. Oh ehm gee I absolutely love the fair! There’s something about it that just screams the start of summer to me. This will be the first year that I’m bringing both kiddos along. Hubby and I are planning on taking them up on the train so the bigger little gets to experience that part too (he’s obsessed with trains). I can’t wait to take them around the petting zoos and to play the games. Eeeek!


  3. We go to the fair every year as a family. We love the food, the exhibit s. I really love the garden show with all the flowers and plant display s, thanks for a chance


  4. I love watching my kids go on the rides on wrist band day! They go until they just can’t go no more. I am debating trying that Fried Starbucks…… but since I recently broke up with Starbucks I think I have to find some other indulgence.


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