2015 Great British & Belgian Christmas Beer Festival Tour aka “Date Week”

Tyson, often tells the story of how he fell in love with me–

It was our first Valentine’s Day as a couple and while we always indulged when we went out to dinner, we decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be any different. Except I didn’t want to do the fancy dinner (with a million other couples) or spend a lot of money on food we could easily cook at home.

“Honestly babe, all I wanna do is cuddle up at O’Brien’s with a pint of Pure Hoppiness and a plate of Nachos.”

He was won over and proposed shortly afterwards.

It is no secret that our relationship is fueled by good food and craft beer.  We frequent our favorite breweries with kids in tow (our oldest once asked if his teacher was going to “Disneyland or a brewery” for her vacation) and our dates nights are centered around which new brewery/restaurant to check out.  We are endlessly in love with the industry (and each other, duh!).  Traveling for us, means how many places can we possibly eat and drink at, filling some of the time with touristy activities.  Places like Seattle and Portland were short trips for us, but we managed to stop at at least 20 places in a short amount of time (not exaggerating at all)

And by the sudden grace of beer gods, an opportunity presented itself—

Tyson and Kristina

 JOIN TYSON & KRISTINA from  O’BRIENS PUB on the 2015 Great  British & Belgian Christmas Beer  Festival Tour December 14 – 21,  2015 BEER, BELGIUM CHOCOLATE,  LONDON, SOURPALOOZA,  AMSTERDAM, SHOPPING, 21st Belgian  Christmas Beer Festival: 200+ Christmas,  Trappist, Vintage & Stock Ales “One of the World’s Top Beer Festivals”, Chuck Cook Visit & Tastings at Fullers, Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, St Bernardus, Westvleteren, De Halve Maan 

That’s right, we are going to LONDON and BELGIUM!  Seven whole days of English beer, champagne of beers, cheese, chocolates, fish and chips, and SOURS! GG is trekking over here from V-town to watch the boys while we travel and experience a once in a lifetime chance to tour taverns and pub crawl through Europe. To add another reason for us to go, it is right before Christmas so all of our holiday shopping will be done here.  Boys will be getting so many fun toys and treats!

I cannot wait to create the memories with my partner in crime. It will be his first time traveling to Europe (third time for me) and I am looking forward to our exploration of pub life in Europe.

We need travel buddies to venture with us!!  Check out Ciao Travel for more information on how you can join us on the fun-filled itinerary and how to go about reserving your spot!  I know many people who have done this trip and said nothing but great things.  So excited to take an endless amount of photos, eat way too much and to sip on crazy rare and notable beers.


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