San Diego Craft Beer Mama, Lynda Hess from Mike Hess Brewing Company North Park

IMG_4547I am surprised that I am not related to this family.  I mean, maybe I will just call myself the adopted cousin or something. We have so many friends and family in common, it is ridiculous. The amount of coolness and family love in this Hess Clan is addicting.  Every time I get an opportunity to hang out with this lovely Mama, I am excitingly picking her brain on how she handles not only a successful brewery, but three vivacious kiddos.  With her kindness, love for her staff, faith and infectious smile and laugh, I can somewhat understand how she manages it all.

We giggle over our crazy kids schedule before I dive right in-

What was the first beer that you tried? Budweiser

What is the last beer that you had? Solace!

Your morning drink of choice? Chai Tea with Soymilk

What do you wear to work? Usually jeans and a Hess shirt

Best part of your job? My team, I love them

Worst part of your job? HR, paperwork

Favorite beer brewed? Deceptio [Black IPA]

What is you guilty pleasure? Chocolate Almonds

What is your biggest fear? Definitly having to do something with being a mom. Just not being a good enough mom.

What is your biggest Achievement? Kids

As a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up? Marine Biologist

Who is your biggest influence in your life? I have to say Christ

Favorite Curse Word? *giggle* Really, it’s friggin!!

What are their names and ages: Analise 11, Keely 9, Courtland 7

What was or is your biggest fear about being a mom It’s between them getting hurt badly and messing up…I don’t know! I wanna help them reach thier full potential!

What is your favorite time of the day I used to be totally a night person, but I think with the kids, sometimes it’s in the morning when I get those good morning hugs. Or….this is hard…..I love summer days- nice and long

One word that describes how you do it all  I don’t know how I am supposed to answer that one! Prayer, faith..

What is one selfish thing you do for yourself Workout in the morning

Kids are in bed-what do you do Hang out with Mike and usually we watch our favorite shows and half working on the computer

Kids are awake-what to you do We wake up pretty early so I am usually making lunches, hugs first though

What is one thing that you would tell your younger self? Honestly, I never knew that I would be anywhere where I am right now. Just to enjoy every moment. I try to tell myself that everyday.

Oregon Beers or Colorado Beers Colorado

Android/IPhone Andriod

Cats/Dogs Dogs

IPAs/Stouts IPAs

North Park/North County North Park

Wings/Nachos Nachos 

Date Night in/Date night Out Out!

Chocolate/Cheese Chocolate

And Lastly, What is one thing that you hope your kids learn from being raised in the brewery and in the beer industry? —What do you hope is their take away?? That hardwork pays off. That no matter how much work there needs to be done, that family comes first. You gotta have priorities.


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