Beer Dinners at Home

It is always nice to have friends in the craft beer industry.  We began these relationships before kids and while time (and energy) seems to keep us apart, we so appreciate the time we are together.

We all have the same agenda—cooking, sipping brews and watching the kids play.  And the food….oh the food!

We got together a few weeks ago with Colby, Tammy and Cole Chandler, Nate Soroko, and Carmine Lopez to feast on whatever we could get our hands on (foie gras, quail, ceviche).  While some might call this a potluck style of cooking (we bring the food to share) our approach, delivery and consumption is everything but ordinary.

IMG_3333 IMG_3336   IMG_3341IMG_3363  IMG_3350IMG_3354   IMG_3372

I am lucky to have my hubby as my personal beer chef, but when one of those contraptions isn’t available, do your research! I recommend this book and this book.  Head to a beer and food pairing.  Ask your favorite brewery if they have something scheduled with a restaurant or check out the San Diego Brewers Guild or Westcoaster for a list of events. And when in doubt-EXPERIMENT!  This is what’s fun about cooking and pairing beer with food.  Look for flavor profiles that accentuates or exemplifies.  All that is needed is a group of hungry bellies and thirsty palates.  Encourage everyone to bring a “course”. Have them pair with an appropriate beer and make sure there is enough to go around!  The dinner will be a long one (we lasted 8 hours one time), so include movies/projects/distractions for the kids.  Once this type of dinner occurs more frequently, the kiddos will learn the routine (i.e. leave mama and dad alone, play, jump on couches, fall asleep ANYWHERE!)

Cozy beer dinners at home should be stress free.  Don’t fuss over an elaborate table setting.  All everyone wants to do is eat, drink and be merry.  Now go on with your bad ass self…..


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