Truffles On Tap with Andrea’s Truffles and Kelly Legan from The Patio on Goldfinch

I love beer.  I love chocolate.  I probably love beer more than chocolate, but to me, it’s like asking which kid do I love more.  I will never tell.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it is only natural to think of the chocolate gifts us mamas will receive.  Those same stupid hearts filled with chocolate that is so dull, slightly white, the tell tale sign that it is last years “on sale” purchase, and/or, the horribly wrapped red candy rose.  Thaaaanks……

 I won’t have THAT this year though! I will go to TRUFFLES ON TAP—

What mommy wants this year is, YES, a lot of chocolate, but I want THIS chocolate.  I want it locally made, with ingredients like goat cheese, foie gras, homemade raspberry jam, or St. Argur blue cheese, or if you must, bacon….lots of bacon. And I want beer-good beer-from my favorite breweries.  I want to be taken out, have a nice meal, in my nice heels Kelly and Andreain a nice restaurant.  If I can’t find a sitter, then I’ll bring the hoodlums and FEEL COMFORTABLE ABOUT DOING IT HERE!  But I won’t share my chocolate with the babes and I will definitely not share by beer….ok just a taste since I love the hubs.

It excites me even more is the amazing Andrea of THE Andrea’s Truffles.  Her motto-“from my heart to your tummy“….And I have to agree.  My tummy=my heart.  She truly knows what I like. She is probably just as equally as obsessed as I am with the beer industry or as she likes to describe the beer community-“spiritual”.  Putting the two (chocolate and beer) together, she has a Craft Beer Mama’s interest at heart.

Kelly Legan is just as bad ass as Andrea.  Certified cicerone, this little spitfire has all of the crazy beer knowledge that makes me want to be her bestie. Beer buying for the Patio (both Lamont and Goldfinch), she encourages craft beer libations and agrees that chocolate SHOULD be consumed with beer.  Most would assume wine, but Kelly advises that beer accentuates the flavors of the food-brings out the saltiness, smokiness, toasty profiles, and such. Those tiny bubbles scrub and scour the tongue so perfectly.

This is exactly what had happened while eating this crazy amazing pairing:

Fall Brewing Speedo's Tiki Love God+Rum Coconut Caramel Truffle
Fall Brewing Speedo’s Tiki Love God+Rum Coconut Caramel Truffle

The Patio is where I will be and where I will send all of my Craft Beer Mama’s to celebrate all of the love, kisses and hugs.  The Truffles on Tap event is a PERFECT excuse to go and devour chocolate with a beer and indugle in the menu! Kids are more than welcomed (lots of highchairs, lots of food choices for kids, lots of noise and family friendly bathroom-YESSSS!) Check out the cheese room, the open kitchen, and AMAZING happy hour.  And most importantly Lots of GREAT BEER ON TAP!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Lots of Love from this handsome face ❤

Happy Max


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