San Diego Craft Beer Mama, Lorah Smith from Societe Brewing Company

Lorah Smith from Societe Brewing

Reconnected by the same passions, kids and beer, Lorah and I met at Societe Brewing Company to chat food, beers and the incredible children and hubbies that have blessed our lives. The way that we shared stories and laughter, it was like I have known her my entire life.  Lorah is inspiring, hilarious and a wealth of mama knowledge.  I am so excited that she allowed me to ask her my Craft Beer Mama Questions!  It is because of her, I am motivated to connect other craft beer mamas.  Love her AWESOMENESS!!!

What was the first beer that you tried?  I don’t remember!

What is the last beer that you had? The Harlot

—-Sierra (Lorah’s youngest) chatting in the background “Not one Harlot, TWO Harlot!”—–

Your morning drink of choice? Green Smoothie

What do you wear to work? Clothes

Best part of your job? The people…and the beer!

Worst part of your job? There’s no worst

Favorite beer that you brewed? I have only brewed a couple. It was a spiced beer a long time ago that I home brewed.

What is you guilty pleasure? I don’t know if I am allowed to say that! Um, sour beer

What is your biggest fear? Something happening to my kids

What is your biggest achievement? My kids

As a child, what did you wanna be when you grew up? A teacher

Who is your biggest influence in your life? That’s hard…..

Favorite Curse Word? It’s an adult word, FUCK

What are their names and ages of your kiddos? Maverick 8, Noelle 6, Sierra 2

What was or is your biggest fear about being a mom? Doing it wrong

What is your favorite time of the day? Right after the kids go to bed

One word that describes how you do it all? Beer

What is one selfish thing you do for yourself? My Nails!

Kids are in bed-what do you do? *Silence*  Can I say that?! *with finger quotes* Spend time with my husband

Kids are awake-what to you do? Play with them

What is one thing that you would tell your younger self? Don’t be so hard on yourself

Oregon Beers or Colorado BeersYes, Please

Android/IPhoneWell I have an IPhone, but….


IPAs/StoutsYes, please….IPAs

North Park/North CountyNorth Park


Date Night in/Date night OutWhy do I have to choose??

Chocolate/CheeseWhy do I have to choose???  Chocolate!

And Lastly, What is one thing that you hope your kids learn from being raised in the brewery and in the beer industry? —What do you hope is their take away?? Respect for the CRAFT!



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