I Am Not Who You Think I Am

I take Zumba every Tuesday.  I have mommy friends in my workout classes and we talk about essential oils and wine night.  I plan playdates that include chalk art and cupcakes.  I volunteer in my son’s preschool class, I drive a van and I shamelessly promote co-sleeping, breastfeeding, vaccination delay, all while wearing my Lululemon yoga pants.  I even push a BOB stroller and believe that my hubby is the best husband in the world.  I am THAT mom.  I gross myself out.

But what it also surprising is that I love craft beer.  We brew at home and I trade photography for beers.  My favorite style is Saison, but that it truly depends on what we are eating….and we are ALWAYS eating, so thus, I am always drinking something delightful.  I’ll drink Ambers to think about my next drink, a Brown to decide what I want to eat at O’brien’s, a German Hefewiezen to calm my Charger nerves, an IPA on a hot day, a lager to back my Bloody Mary, a Cider with my Aunt at poolside, Pale Ale while cooking a new recipe, a Pilsner to fit in, and a Saison when I feel like Champagne.  There is always an occasion, reason and an excuse.

Oh and I have a keg-a-rator too.

So that’s my story.  I have obsessions and preferences, but my love for beer is neither.  It is part of my life.  My entire family and close friends (most who are like family), are just as passionate and in the industry.  My kids can walk into a brewery or pub and will be recognized immediately.  They were bred, born and raised in this amazing community. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is part of who I am and I am truly excited to share more insight, more beer love and more mommy advice on how to love being a mom who loves craft beer.


Family Photo at Nickel Beer Company
Family Photo at Nickel Beer Company

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