So Here’s What Happened-

Nothing too exciting happened.

Had two kids. Got a dog. Bought a house. Worked my butt off. And then I realized what I was missing…..

I really, really, really miss beer.  Not just the fizzy-let’s-get-drunk beer.  I miss the industry, the community, the festivals, the people, the excitement for new openings, the up and coming brewers who you knew would do something because their passion was so intense and fun.  I kinda miss Beer Week and seeing old friends who you could catch up over a regular ol’ Pliny and wings.  I miss working beer dinners and attending beer dinners. I miss traveling just to go visit beer capitals

This is all what I had before the kids came along and before I started taking on the major role of being a stay at home mommy and wife.  But the craving has never left my body.  And because of that, I have decided to create the new title for women in beer:


….that title is still a work in progress…..

In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to the women who are fully aware of not being able to consume beer for 10+ months while pregnant.  Here is to the women who, despite the sleepless nights, will stay up late or rise early to head to the mash tun to brew.  I applaud the women who, with a growing human in their belly, will work hours upon hours on their swollen feet, pouring beer or repping a local brewery to the entire southern California.  High five to those women who bring the babes to work, toss them an IPAD and cherrios, and quickly do inventory/invoice/make the schedule/etc. And can I get a pat on the back for supporting my amazing hubby as he works late hours at a brew pub? I am up early with the kids and on most nights, putting them to bed. All for the love of craft beer!

It is not an easy job, but somebody has to do it.

Women in Beer: Cool

Moms in the Beer Industry and Who Love Beer: Bad Asses



Mommy and Babes


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